Friday 15th July 2022 Bradford

Its Family Night fun at Odsal Stadium, Bradford on Friday 15th July from 6pm. Its a four formula feast with two Ministox formulas going into batte, the National Ministox have had a busy season with YorStox and around the country and they will be back for more. Add to that its the first visit for the ORCi Ministox who are visiting in the middle of their Skegness weekender, a good field of ORCi Minis are expected to take advantage of a rare shale appearance. Stockcar racing comes from the mighty BriSCA F2's who at the time of writing are in good numbers which has been helped by our friends at Autospeed who have offered an incentive to the top scoring white top on the night. Last but no means least its the crazy 1600cc Bangers who are FULLY BOOKED once again!  Thats a lot to look forward to on track, but off track that fun doesn't stop as the FUNFAIR is in town. There is absolutely no additional cost to go onto the funfair!

YorStox have listened and are pleased to say that the pits will be open to the general public from 4pm to 5:30pm for you to come and get up close to the cars which are racing and meet and greet the stars of the show. All access MUST be via the turnstile entrance and you also must leave the pits once asked to by YorStox officials. Failure to assist in this may refrain from this being repeated in the future. 

Odsal Stadium is classified as an elite stadium, this does mean there is certain protocol that must be followed which is out of the hands of YorStox. Please note:

  • No Glass Bottles 
  • No Pressurised container cans 
  • No Alcohol to be brought in 
  • Small amount of food is permitted 

If for any reason you encounter issues on the day we ask you please to approach a member of the YorStox team, they will be wearing a yellow Hi Vis with YorStox and STAFF on the back to raise a concern so that we can deal with this on the day. 

Advanced tickets are available by visiting
Once a ticket is purchased via the site, you will recieve a QR Code to the email address provided (please check your junk mail). This code will grant you access to the stadium on race day. If you are arriving separately, you can 'transfer' tickets via the FIXr website to split down your booking, without this you must arrive together. QR codes will only be valid once so please do not try to forward this on. 
General admission tickets will be available to purchase on race day from the turnstiles entrances, we have a large stadium capacity and we will not sell out on the day. Cash and Card payments taken. Programmes will also be available from the turnstile entrances. 
The stadium boasts great viewing from all areas, including a 4000 covered seated grandstand (no extra charge). Please note you cannot reserve grandstand seats prior to the event. Food and drink outlets are available including licenced bars all around the circuit as well as trade stands which are located on the turnstile bend where you enter the stadium. 
Toilets are available all around the raceway including disabled access and baby changing facilities.  
Disabled parking is available around the back of the stadium along from the Q Gardens pub, please note spaces are limited and these cannot be reserved. General car parking can also be found here along with across the road at the Council Operated Richard Dunn's Centre (£5 per car charge). If you do not use these parking facilities please ensure you park sensibly and avoid using nearby housing estates as this will impact the future viability of the raceway. 
There is no general access to the pit area for Health and Safety reasons once racing begins.. Pit access is however avaialable from 4pm to 5:30pm.

  • Strictly NO Alcohol or Glass is to be brought into the stadium.
  • No dogs are permitted into the stadium.
  • Details such as stadium opening times and driver booking lists will be updated closer to the event. 

Thankyou for your support and have a great day with YorStox. 


Total number of drivers booked in: 116

1600cc Bangers

No. Name
6 Neil Rawsthorne
14 Will Walmsley Jnr
16 Jamie Cox
19 Joe Frankland
21 David Watson
43 Nicky Bishop
50 Aiden Gamble
90 Andy Preston
93 Dan Stevenson
97 Glenn Woodward
123 Paul Manning
132 Connor Dando
136 Ben Woodward
149 Wayne Bailey
190 Ben Germany
197 Glen Woodward
198 Tommy Dawes
205 Max Bull
222 Brad Cook
227 Gavin Taylor
311 Garry Lown
460 Luke Tongue
550 Phil Jackson
551 Brett Jackson
573 Oggie Ogden
609 Nathan Tomlinson
699 Aaron Nelson
711 Charles Harrison
861 Rob Milner
862 Brayden Milner
863 Regan Milner


No. Name
3 Liam Rennie
9 Harley Thackra
39 Tom Bradley
43 Marcus Gilbert
47 Greg Mckenzie
69 Ben Chalkley
129 Charley Tomblin
136 Kyle Taylor
147 Aiden Derry
149 Reece Cox
156 Danny Macvarish
180 Courtney Witts
183 Charlie Guinchard
188 Aaron Patch
195 Michael Philip
209 Kevin Cope
225 Tony Blackburn
307 Tom Lloyd
324 James Thackra
363 Jack Sherrat
374 Kai Lindsay
377 Daz Shaw
524 Michael Walbank
578 Mark Gibbs
606 Andrew Palmer
618 Ben Lockwood
647 Chris Burgoyne
662 Steve Wycherley
708 Carlo Borrescio
801 Jack Cave
880 Jack Witts
896 Adam Cockburn
925 Jake Wilson
926 Joshua Wilson
962 Graham East

National Ministox

No. Name
15 Charlie Plater
20 Freddie Hunter Johnson
27 Luke Syrett Barsby
43 Liam Ross
51 Joelan Maynard
64 Sam Critchley
77 Tom Earl
80 Caitlin Morrison
87 Alfie Thompson
105 Danny Bonner
120 Finn Hunter Johnson
126 Jaden Key
183 Mason Whittle
212 Ollie Armstrong
223 Toby Partidge
267 Jack Simonds
269 Freddie Rogers
272 Luca Hodgson
277 Thomas Rogers
300 Coby Laing
335 Jake Woodhull
425 Boden Murfin
491 Jenson Scoular
496 Thomas Holcroft
569 Adam Langridge
611 Jamie Hanson
642 Alfie Smith
711 Cody Hanson
732 Brooke Kitson

ORCi Ministox

No. Name
7 Charlie Hardie
42 Jake Wilson
85 Kyle Rodgerson
145 Rachel Kidd
167 Sam Cavanagh
170 Austin King
172 Rian Mitchell
178 Scott Alardyce
207 Alfie Flecken
290 Alfie Tomkins
388 Cole Ford
617 Christina Sillifant
627 Andrew Scott
629 Kerr Patterson
647 Lewis Burgoyne
680 Bobbie Brandon
770 Austin Farrell
858 Rhys Anderson
870 Bertie Farrell
911 Alex Thomas
917 Troy Hemmins
14:30 Drivers Gate Opens   
16:00 Turnstiles Open   
18:00 Racing Starts    
Race 1 BriSCA F2  Heat 1 
Race 2 National Ministox   
Race 3 ORCi Ministox  Heat 1
Race 4 BriSCA F2  Heat 2
Race 5 1600cc Bangers  Heat 1
Race 6 National Ministox   
Race 7 BriSCA F2  Heat 3
Race 8 ORCi Ministox  Heat 2
Race 9 1600cc Bangers Heat 2 
Race 10 BriSCA F2   Final  
Race 11 National Ministox   
Race 12  ORCi Ministox  Final  
Race 13 BriSCA F2  GN 
Race 14 National Ministox  If Required
Race 15 1600cc Bangers  Final  



Adult - £18
Concession - £16
Child (10-15) - £10
Child (9 and under) - FREE
Family - £50
Keep an eye out for our big family ticket saving flyer!