Thank You

The Startrax season for 2021 has now completed and Jackie and I sincerely thank ALL our team and stadium staff and management for their dedication and commitment throughout 2021 and what has been a challenging season particularly with opening the behemoth that is Odsal after over 20 years, a dream that no one believed ever possible. Jackie and I have created a canvass now to which will be added more paint in the coming years to take our dream, passion and create our legacy for the future and there will be considerable positive news for the New Year to share. It has been 'difficult' which was anticipated in getting Odsal open amidst HSE, operational being an elite sports stadium, infrastructure and getting it right. Our proudest and most emotional moment was being able to host 'ourselves' as a team the 2021 World Final at Odsal in September of which we will be forever proud. We have been humbled by the goodwill, kindness and friendship demonstrated on 14th November and since and our sincerest thanks to all, emotional and hugely valued. The season and a new venue has presented challenges and problems, none more so than the 'wet' end of season, issues it presented and currently working on with the new team to hit the deck running in 2022. We are proud of what has been achieved, it is about moving forward and solving issues, as we have since the 22nd May - We thank Nigel Wood OBE of Bradford Bulls, Tony Sutton CFO of the RFL and 'everyone' too many to mention who contributed to a major achievement during difficult times. Be assured 2022 is about a next chapter and more improvement. I must also thank Matt Hamilton and the whole stadium team at Sheffield for their support and unstinting quality, our loyal, passionate and faithfully professional maintenance team head by true friend Martin Ford whose contribution is enormous.

We are currently working on the 2022 calendar and the season provisionally is scheduled to open on Saturday March 26th at ODSAL STADIUM - As well as BriSCA, Banger racing will also be a very big part of our commitment to build the formula, this year has not been easy with changed dates and a hugely compacted season due to the pandemic however they will feature prominantely in what we hope will be a full and regular season in 2022.


Lastly, our sincere thanks to the many people behind the scenes, Sophie and the BSCDA for their passionate assistance, friends and colleagues in NMSC, V8 Hot Stox and colleague promoters as well as drivers and race teams for all your support, 'things can only get better' and to the very people that we all there for, our family of support and many,many new people from the West Yorkshire who have joined the family this year,


We will keep you updated with more detailed new and announcements early in the New Year,


Thank you and keep safe!


Steve & Jackie


Startrax at the Awards!

On behalf of the team, Startrax are delighted to have received at the BSCDA awards Night Saturday an Award for 'Best programme of the Year' 2021 WF programme [ Still a limited number available via the shop! - about 40 remain ] Our sincerest thanks and share that with Jonny our designer and the team that contributed.

We were also presented with an Award and video message from Henri on behalf of Holland and a 'gift' for relationship with Mainland Europe, an award we are proud to receive and we hope to be able to spend more time in 22 across the water with our friends at family in the Netherlands who always give us allow warmth and kindness.




We have limited supplies of 2021 programmes available via the shop including World Final and latter events - programmes 30/10 - 6/11, - 14/11 and 20/11 Skegness - just click on the shop